Wednesday, April 11, 2018

12 Secrets Family and Faith Bloggers Won't Tell You

I'm thankful you are reading this! Truly. I don't want to write into a vacuum. Many of you are faithful readers who have signed up to get the email version of my blog (see end of post for directions) or who have liked my blog Facebook page and get notifications of new posts there. 

In this blog I have shared a lot about myself and our family, but there are probably things I've never told you about me as a blogger. Today I'm going to share some of those secrets with you!

There are days when we don't know what to write about
Coming up with new ideas each week (and for some bloggers every day!) causes us to rack our brains at times. I pray about it and think about it quite a bit. And that is why...

We would love to get post ideas from you
When you read our posts, thoughts and questions must come to mind. We love it when you ask a question that can be an impetus for another post. I don't pretend I have all the answers about family mealtimes and faith--far from it--but I can ask others, think about it, and maybe help you as well as others. You are not the only one with those thoughts or questions.

We love to hear your stories that relate to our blogs
If you have tried something we suggest or have an alternative thought or have a fun story along the lines of our topic, we would like to hear it! If you are up to it, we might even ask you to write a post with your story. I like my posts to be stories as much as possible, but either way, your comment or email is a huge encouragement, even if you disagree with me. That can start a conversation. And who knows, you might change my mind!

When you really like a post, we'd love it you would share it on your social media
If you are touched by something, and you share it with your friends on Facebook or Pinterest or whatever, they are more likely to read it than if they stumble across some kind of generic announcement. And, like I said at the beginning, we want people to read what we write. Not because we are so wise and witty, but we want the connection with people. 

We would also like it if you would tell your friends that you read our blogs
This goes along with the previous one, but applies to friends you see face to face. You've probably thought of someone when you read some posts. Do you tell them what you read? I know I tell my friends about books, magazines, and even blogs. Then you can text them the URL so it's easy for them to find. 

We don't have perfect lives and try to be transparent, but we have to think about our families, too
We might come across as having it all together. Let's be frank, we aren't going to tell our deepest darkest secrets for the whole world to know. But we try to be transparent and not come across as know-it-alls. However, my family reads my posts, and even if they didn't, I have an obligation to them and their right to privacy. So, sure, I'll tell you a lot of good things and what works for me, but I will try to tell you my own failures and shortcomings without saying anything that would embarrass my family.

When we share what God is teaching us, it's not just another devotional
Most of my posts are about family mealtimes, but sometimes God teaches me something that I want to tell others. I'm not just filling space with yet another devotional, I am sharing from my heart. It is humbling to let you in on what God is doing in my life. Please take time to read it thoughtfully.

We don't all make money on our blogs
There are professional bloggers who make a good income from their blog. That's great! But many of us write because we love writing, want to encourage others, and think it is what God wants us to do. If you read my disclosure (at the end of every post), you will see that I have never earned a penny from my blog. I do offer my book, but even that doesn't give me royalties any more as I took a one time pay out. I write because I think families are important and I want your family to connect in the best ways possible. Which is why...

We are truly passionate about what we write about
I know I am! Family meals were an important part of our life when our kids lived at home and they still are when they come over. So many essentials can be included in mealtimes: conversation, manners, hospitality, chores, and devotions! It's not the only thing you need in your family, and I try to cover more than just mealtimes. But I do think it is important.

We would love your questions, comments, and input--a real conversation
If you read what we write, it is pretty easy to respond by commenting on the blog, posting on the blog Facebook page, or even emailing. We love it when people do that and when readers actually have a conversation with us. There are many sides to every point we make and we are open to hearing yours.

We have full and busy lives off the Internet
I don't write about everything that happens in my life or every aspect of my life.  My life is not all blog and Internet. Don't worry about us not having a life except online. And we want you to have one too. So we understand if you don't read every post or comment every time.

We are thrilled when someone writes a guest post that is on topic
Like I said, we can be stumped about what to write or in our busy lives just not have time to post when we want to, so if a reader has an idea for a post, we are open to reading and editing. See my guest post guidelines to know what I'm looking for. Give us a try. You might find you like it!

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This week's hack comes from Emily:
We have a house of adults. Even here, if we cook even some part of it together, then we always eat together. Sometimes it’s as simple as someone mashing potatoes or making salad. Plus cooking together makes it more fun and faster to prep. 

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  1. very true. Not everyone makes money from their blogs yet we spend so much time and even money on it

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention that it costs us money!

  2. I think this may be as much an encouragement for fellow bloggers as it is a useful tools for those reading blogs! Thank you for putting this list together!

  3. I don't even try to make money off my blog, not why I blog. Thanks for all the encouragement and knowledge. Found you on Grandma's Briefs Link Party.



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