Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What do You Want Your Kids to Be Like?

From oldest to youngest our four children have almost nine years between them, so when they were at home we were always looking for creative ways to make the Bible come alive for them. We wanted our family devotions to be interesting to all of them. What a challenge!

As I was doing my own devotions the other day I thought of those memes that were making the rounds a few years ago about "Bob" who did whatever the person making the meme thought was good. I wrote one based on Joshua 1.

And I realized that this would be a great family activity that everyone could do to get an application. In fact it follows the basics of Bible study--observation, interpretation, application!

Observation: The who, what, where, and when. Joshua knows God is with him and he obeys God and fights against evil.
Interpretation: The how. Joshua is courageous because of what he knows.
Application: Be courageous like Joshua.

Another day I read Third John and learned about Gaius. And I drew my own picture to go along with it.

This is Gaius.

Gaius knows the truth.
Gaius uses the truth to guide how he lives.
Gaius meets new people and shows them love in his home because of the truth.
Be wise and generous like Gaius.

Whether you read from a children's Bible story book or you read a chapter of narrative from the Bible, you could all take a piece of paper and write something like during your family devotions. Not only will you have fun looking at each others "art" work (go ahead, laugh at mine, my feelings won't be hurt!), but you are actually teaching your children how to study the Bible!

Not all the people you meet in the pages of the Bible are ones you want to emulate. In Third John there is another person about whom John doesn't have nice things to say.

This is Diotrephes.
Diotrephes always wants to be 
the most important.
Diotrephes accuses everyone else
of bad things.
Diotrephes makes people who disagree with him go away.
Diotraphes is proud and bad.
Don't be like Diotraphes.

So whatever the people you read about are like, your kids can learn a lesson directly from them and begin to learn how to study the Bible on their own. Give it a try!

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