Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thousands and Thousands Served!

She reached out with short, chubby, two-year-old arms to her mother and me, her face lit up with a smile that sparkled from her eyes as she said, "Amen! Amen!" We were already well into our meal and had given thanks before we started, but she wanted us to pray again. My granddaughter wanting to pray thrills my heart more than I can describe, and so we prayed again.

This is what I have been doing during my long hiatus from this blog: family meals. We have the privilege of our four parents living in our city now, our two youngest (grown) children living in town, a four and a half week visit from our older daughter and her family this summer, and, as of this week, our oldest son, his wife, and four children have moved here. In fact, they are living in our house until they find the right home for them.

This mother and grandmother's heart is full!

How have we done our meals? Well...

  • around our table
  • on the patio
  • by the river
  • in a park
  • experiencing ethnic restaurants
  • at a wedding
  • at the roadside
  • in the Christian Missions in Many Lands mansion
  • at a corner hot dog stand in NYC

And the people?
  • with anywhere from one to four generations
  • with two to twenty-four people
  • celebrating a two year old's birthday
  • celebrating a ninetieth birthday and a ninety first and ninety second!
  • with as many as four booster seats and high chairs

When I wasn't planning, preparing, eating, or cleaning up meals, I was busy enjoying my family--an enjoyment made possible in part by the thousands of meals we have had together over the last thirty six years of marriage and thirty three years as parents.

Eating together isn't just what I write about, it's what we do. I hope you do, too, and I hope you had a wonderful summer making memories with your family around your table and in many other ways!

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