Thursday, January 24, 2019

Oatmeal on a Dusty Stool

My husband and I had our first meal together in almost three weeks. He has been on three other continents for ministry (not including North America) while I have been at home in a house going through renovations. If you have ever had renovations done, you know that there is a complicated mathematical equation required to figure out how long they will take. Something like:

(amount of time they say) x (estimated cost)
(current temperature) + (number of holidays in the year) 

I joke. But it is always longer than you hope. Meanwhile I've been living in a house devoid of all furniture (which has been stashed in all the bedrooms except mine) with one chair, one side table and one ottoman to sit on with my feet up for my quiet time and my evening reading. So I've been standing in the kitchen to eat my meals, which I had hoped to pare down sufficiently to lose four pounds while my husband was away, but that's another story. And, as I told you last week, I have been decluttering and reorganizing. I must have some contractor blood in me because clearing out my kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, dresser, and closet took me over a week. (Of course, in between I got to spend half a day with two of the cutest little boys I know and we had a parade around their family room, spend two days with two of my favorite little girls while their parents celebrated their anniversary, and spend a day with my dad so my mom could have a relaxing day out.) 

Yesterday I drove two hours through snow and ice to meet my husband who had just spent 24 hours traveling by car, two planes, and a bus over two continents to come home. I was so glad to see him and, I believe, the feeling was mutual 😉. We got home at 11:40pm and collapsed into bed. He was even able to trick his body into thinking it was night and sleep. 

So back to our first meal together in nearly three weeks. That would be the oatmeal we had this morning at our kitchen counter, sitting on two stools we dusted off (literally). The flooring men arrived (finally) and we left them to it. He went to work and I'm spending another day with my dad.

What's so special about oatmeal in your floorless kitchen at the counter? Nothing. And everything. The meal and the surroundings were not special, except that it was home. The company and the fact that we sat down together to eat and talk and enjoy our companionship, that was everything. We did it because we plan to, we have a habit of doing it, and we want to.

And that is the key to family meals: planning to, habiting of, and wanting to.

So start making a plan now.

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  1. I love this post, Sharon, because we recently went through the exact same challenge: trying to function as a family while in the midst of a construction zone. For one day, there was actually no wall between our kitchen and bathroom, and the whole house has been covered in sheet rock dust since the end of October. We are just now beginning to settle into normalcy, and meeting around the table (which is now actually in the dining room!) has been such a sweet privilege.

    1. So glad you are coming out the other end! What a long haul it's been for you! (Isn't the dust the worst?!?)



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