Monday, January 7, 2019

The Grocery Store Challenge

I walked around Aldi juggling a gallon of milk, two bottles of sparkling water, three mangoes, a can of black olives, and a bag of frozen meatballs. I came in for the meatballs because my grandson was coming for dinner and I know he loves spaghetti and meatballs. Because I was only going to get "one thing" I hadn't gotten a cart or even brought a shopping bag with me. As I checked out I commented to the check out clerk that I had just come for meatballs. She laughed and said, "At least you remembered the meatballs!"

I am a big proponent of once a week grocery shopping with a menu planned and a list that covers it. But there are times when I have fallen into the habit of once a day grocery shopping with no plan at all.

So the other day when I was telling my husband my big goals for 2019, he suggested one:
One trip to the grocery store a week. 

I have a lot of reasons, especially over the holidays, that I make more trips--unexpected guests, a potluck I forgot to plan for, a new family gathering where I need to bring something. But in normal weeks (if I have those) I should be able to plan my menu so that I go only once a week. He did say "plus one emergency trip." And he's right. If I am not spending time going to the grocery store as often I will have more time. 

Plus, grocery stores love people who come in often because, like me, we tend to do more impulse buying and spend more money. That's why they have weekend specials, 10% off in certain departments on certain days, and one or two days sales, in addition to their weekly ads. So I will save time and money! 

So who is with me on this? 
Will you take the grocery store challenge and try to only make one trip a week in 2019? 

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  1. Okay, I "failed" already for this week because of the one emergency trip to the store. I'll try again next week or the week after because my husband prefers not to make weekly trips to the store.

    1. That's not a fail! We get one extra trip--like a get out of jain free card. And even if you end up going everyday (like I almost did last week) continuing to try is a good thing!



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