Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Noisy, Chaotic, Happy Family Meals

We recently enlarged our dining room.

Well, we opened up the area between our living room and eating area more so that we could fit more people in. You see, our table was made for six, or for eight or ten or even 12 when extended. But that was no longer big enough. 

Our oldest son got a job teaching at a university in our city and his wife and four children moved into town with him. That added six people to our in-town family. Then at Thanksgiving we went around the table each thanking God for one thing. But we stopped and started cheering when our other daughter-in-law said, “Thank you for my three healthy babies.” That meant number three was on the way! Our daughter who lives in Europe called last month to tell us that she and her husband are expecting number two--when they visit that’s four more people. 

So you can understand why we enlarged our “dining room”.

Sundays are family day. This started when my in-laws moved into a retirement community where they get dinner on weekdays, but not on the weekend. We switched from having them over on a weeknight to Sundays. Then we started including our son and daughter-in-law and of course our daughter. That was easy and we could even include others. As our family grew—grandchildren and also my parents moving to our town—the table got full. You know, that fun kind of chaos. So six more made the change we’d been talking about, and saving up for, inevitable. 

It had taken me years to come to the realization that losing a cupboard and four beloved drawers would not affect my ability to prepare meals and store the things I wanted to in the kitchen. I rearranged things and found I don’t really notice less cupboard space.

While we were still awaiting the finishing touches, we didn't have any furniture in place.

The renovations took a while, but it was worth it and we love the look. We love it that the family comes over on Sundays about twice a month for a big dinner. I love it that we all share in bringing the meal so it doesn’t fall on me and people get what they like. On a recent Sunday my seven year old granddaughter contributed for the first time, a very fancy pudding and berry parfait!

We want the family to be together so we changed our house configuration to make family meals more easily possible--noisy, chaotic, happy family meals.

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  1. I can't wait to have a place where family will come over like that. My place is small, but it would fit people. Just need some chairs and dinner trays. Found you on FB (Cincinnati Bloggers).

  2. There's so much joy to be found in a growing family! Congrats on the new babies, and your renovation looks great!

  3. When we have to move from our present home I don't think we will ever find another that will give us the space we have now for our table and add-on table. I am so thankful for our space now.



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