Friday, October 11, 2019

Hitting the Goals! ...or Not

As I was looking through my calendar, I came across my goals that I set at the beginning of the year. I guess I kind of forgot I had goals, but it was pretty good to read through them, or at least through the first few.

  • Finish reading through the Bible -- I was on a two year through the Bible plan because I find trying to get through in one year makes me just read without thinking. Or the only thing I am thinking is "Gotta finish. Gotta finish." So my goal was to finish by the end of the year. I was consistently ahead of my plan and then during the month of Ramadan we met nightly to pray for Muslims. Since they read through the Koran during that month, we decided to read through the New Testament. We did this out loud together each night. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading large chunks of Scripture and something about hearing it out loud made it more real. I've been working on scripture memorization the last few years again, so when I came across those familiar verses and passages, it was great to read them in context. I decided that our reading "counted" toward my through-the-Bible, and so I finished in June! Yay! One goal was met. Then I moved on to other reading during my quiet times.

  • Get to 160 verses memorized -- I was there already! And looking back at my Bible Memory™ app, I saw that I had only missed a few days of review this year--mostly when I was traveling. So now I'm well past that and have set a new goal. I have to say, that this is one of the most enjoyable things I do. Sometimes I get frustrated by my failure to remember simple things or getting confused between the old KJV that I first memorized some verses in and the NASB that I now use, but mostly, I find myself marveling again at the truths I am hiding in my heart.
  • Lose 10 pounds -- How many years has this been on my New Year's Goals? Well, I wasn't doing well and I was asking God why I was always so hungry and eating so many things I shouldn't, especially between meals. And asking for HELP! In June we went away for 3 weeks and I came home seven pounds lighter! We were so busy I didn't snack (plus I wasn't in my own kitchen) and the last week, which was vacation, we were so active that I guess I was eating less and using more calories. At home, I kept it up, snacking on Bing cherries and lost another seven pounds slowly over two months. But then something happened and I went back up four just before I came away to be at my daughter's for three weeks to help with her new baby. So far I'm getting almost no exercise here (as my pedometer tells me) and feel like I might be snacking again, so I'm hoping the rain will stop and I will be able to go walking again. But I'm here to help, not exercise. Anyway, another goal met! Yay me! (Even though this is an on-going, rest of my life challenge.) 
Then I read the next goal:
  • Go to the grocery store only once a week -- Oh. Dear. Recently it's been more like "only" once a day. Between eating tons of veggies and needing to replenish the supply often, unplanned-for guests, forgetting an item (or ten), and having a craving for a dinner I don't have the food for, I have totally failed at this. I have a lot of excuses about being busy, extenuating circumstances, and blah, blah, blah, but this is one I need to work on. Anyone else? It takes time planning a menu, checking the pantry, listing the ingredients, sticking to the menu, having a few emergency things on hand for added people around the table, and forcing myself to eat what I have and not a craving. If I need more veggies than my large fridge can hold, I can go get those, but I don't need to go just because I forgot the yogurt or suddenly want curry sauce.
So, like I said in January, I'd love to have some grocery store buddies--not the clerks who check me out, though I'm glad they're friendly--but ones who will say with me, "While I love Aldi, I don't really want that place to be my hangout!" What do you say?

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  1. What an encouraging and challenging chapter of Around the Table! One of the best I've read; most of us can identify with your goals -- those reached, those half reached and those, well, pretty much not reached at all. Thank you so much, xoxo

  2. K, you are my biggest fan! Thanyfor the encouragement.



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