Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How Many Verses Tell Us Not to Fear?

You know that thing that went around on social media that said the Bible says, "Do not fear" 365 times*, once for each day of the year? Well, it's not true.

But, the Bible does give us hundreds of reasons for trusting God in every situation, anywhere, all the time. 

In these days of Covid-19, I decided that it would be a good time to look for these verses. I hadn't felt any special fear or even lack of peace when I started this project, but I figured finding these verses, reading them, and copying them out by hand would be a great way to reinforce this in my mind and heart for the days that come, whether during this virus, or in many of the situations that will come in my life. It was also a follow-up for the study God led me to do in November and December on preparing for trials. (A side note: I do feel He led me into this as I was prepared for a situation that came into our own lives and for this bigger, worldwide situation.)

So I used a Bible search engine and looked for the word, "Fear" and wrote down every verse I could find that told me not to fear. I found sixty-eight verses. Then I looked for "Afraid" and found forty-five more. I decided to look up "Tremble" and "Dismayed" because my verses for the year, Joshua 1:8-9 include those words. After that I looked for "Refuge"--one of my favorite words for describing the place of protection that God is for me. I looked for "Courage" and "Courageous", "Anxious" and "Ashamed", "Deliver" and "Deliverer". Then I got fancy and did a two word search: "With you". 

After copying out 249 verses, I still plan to look for "Help", "Uphold", "Peace", and "Comfort". I'm looking for verses that specifically say God is these or gives these to those who believe in Him.

It has been good for my soul. I've shared them with others who have been excited to see these promises over and over in the Bible. I have shared twenty of these verses with you in a printable format. These are set up to print on Avery® Business Cards 28878But they can be printed on any paper or cardstock and cut apart. Use them as reminders around your house, memory verse cards, or even bookmarks so that you be able to trust God more.

Here's another idea: how about at devotions tonight, you take time to teach your children how to use a concordance or Bible search engine and each of you find a verse that will bring you comfort. Then write that verse on a card and place it somewhere it will be seen in your house. You could do this several nights until you have dozens of verses around your house to remind you of God's care and protection, even in the time of Covid-19.

* Interestingly, the word "peace" appears 365 times in the NASB version of the Bible. Not all telling us that God gives peace.

Pages from my journal with the verses written out.

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