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Hi, I’m Sharon. I’m so glad you want to know me better. I hope to get to know you, too! 

When my four children were growing up they thought my motto was “Don’t touch the centerpiece!” I’m not real sure why someone always felt it was necessary to fiddle with some piece of the table decorations, or why I was so concerned about it when they did. But I do know, that when we ate together, we did more than eat and worry about a candle or glass figurines. We laughed, joked, told stories, debated, played games, read the Bible, prayed, cried--in other words we connected!

For 27 years on two continents and three countries we ate together every day. Sports didn’t stop it. The telephone didn’t interrupt it. The television was not invited. We worked  it in around ministry. It was the centerpiece of our family life.

Now my kids are grown. Three are married. The next generation has started. We try to get together as often as we can (though now one lives on another continent). Whenever we are together, we linger long at the table, talking, reading the Bible, praying, playing games. Mealtimes are still the centerpiece of that time of bonding and connecting. 

So I guess it is fair to say that my motto is: Don’t touch the centerpiece!

I hope you'll take time to read on some more about me and look around at some of the links
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 and that you will be inspired to
 connect with your family at mealtimes!

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If you have family mealtimes and have a story you would like to share, something you've learned, something that has worked (or not worked), I'd love to have you write a guest post! Please check out my guidelines and then email me at the email below.

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Just in case you want to know a little more about me:

Jim and I were married in 1982, fresh from college, curly Farah Fawcett hair and all. Two years later we moved to Lima, Peru where we learned Spanish and tried out a variety of ministries as we learned how God had gifted us. We had three children born there, so it was a time of many transitions.

Then, after 8 years there, we were unexpectedly invited to Bogota, Colombia to begin my husband’s dream ministry--an evening Bible school among our churches in the cool, green Andes mountains. We loved our 16 years there, adding our fourth child and exponential growth in our own lives and ministries. 

Visiting Africa

Once again an unexpected invitation moved us, this time back to the U.S. where we are missionaries on loan to ECS Ministries, traveling the world to inspire, challenge, and encourage people to study the Bible, perhaps using the ECS Bible courses. 

It’s been an amazing walk. It hasn’t been all easy and we have burdens we bear, but we walk with God and He satisfies us.

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  1. Beautiful blog, beautiful family. What a ministry!
    May God continue to bless and use you for His kingdom.

    1. Thanks, Katie. We have a great time serving the Lord and our share of heartaches, too. I'm trying to learn to be thankful in everything.

  2. I am so happy to see that you use one of the best tools to keeping a family close - mealtime together.
    We raised our boys like that - and it helped, I know, to make them the amazing young men that they are today.

  3. Oh, I forgot!
    I found you through the Blog Hop:)

  4. Enjoyed "meeting" you this morning. Your joy is apparent in your photos :) I visited from Fellowship Fridays.

  5. What wonderful pictures and it was great getting to know you!

  6. In this hectic world, it's nice to see the payoff of making the effort to have family mealtimes. I love how close my 7 (soon to be eight) children are to each other... even the one grown, married and off on her own... Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I found you over at Charlottes Spiritual Sundays, and enjoyed your post. We have friends in Hondurous and others in Bolivia. Each of us must work where we are sent. May God bless your continued service for HIM where ever you are planted.

  8. Eating together was one of my favorite family traditions, during my at-home years. I took it with me when I married and followed through when our daughter was born. Now that The Man and I are empty-nesters, it's easy to go our separate ways in the evenings, but we still enjoy a meal at the table, spent together.

    Lovely post.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    It's great learning about you. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned Link Party. Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above



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